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MPD's cigarette plugs come in a wide variety of styles for use in various applications.

No matter what size and shape cigarette plug is needed, MPD has a solution for you. The conditions of the real world can cause all different types of device failures, and we understand the many requirements for a cigarette plug to overcome these. Our plugs offer the strongest retentions to resist shocks and vibrations, but are also designed for usability and can still be removed by the elderly and disabled. We have also designed with durability in mind, and understand that a plug will be inserted and removed thousands of times in its lifespan, which naturally causes a lot of wear and tear on the metal contacts. This wear and tear will affect both the electrical connectivity and retention ability of the plug, so we always ensure to use well-designed contacts made with quality materials. We also believe it is important to protect what is on the other end of the plug, and have either a fuse or space for a fuse in all of our cigarette plugs. Even though most electrical systems with 12V sockets are relatively stable, spikes can and do happen and a fuse is cheap insurance. With these things and more considered, it is no wonder MPD's auto plugs are so well respected in the industry.
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