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MPD's cigarette sockets come in a wide variety of styles for use in various applications.

Cigarette sockets are a specialty of MPD's, and we have the awards to prove it. Our designs are based on many years of industry experience, and our ability to create stable electrical connectivity is unparalleled. There are many things that must be taken into consideration when designing a cigarette socket, such as having it retain a plug securely enough to resist shocks and vibrations without any intermittency in the connection, but yet still allowing users to remove the plug without having to struggle. Furthermore, throughout the lifespan of a socket, a plug will be inserted and removed thousands of times, leading to a large amount of wear and tear which reduces the electrical connectivity and retention ability, so using materials and design techniques to resist this as much as possible is necessary for reliability. With these things and more considered in all of our designs, it is no wonder MPD's auto sockets are held in such high regards.
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